Composite Deck


Because so many people are becoming more environmentally aware, “eco-friendly” and “sustainability” are quickly becoming the newest buzzwords in the home renovation and construction sector. We have been assisting this cause with our composite decking solutions for more than 10 years, so to us, this is not too much of a new concept.

As experts in decking materials with a wealth of industry knowledge and a product created with the environment in mind, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to make your backyard space more environmentally friendly.

  1. Use Composite Decking

Using composite decking as a replacement for all of your outside timber needs is our top recommendation.

This is not a sales pitch, and we will provide you with plenty of other suggestions, but we can’t get beyond the astounding fact that composite decking is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional timber decking and can be attractively incorporated into outdoor spaces.

Composite decking is a sustainable and environmentally beneficial building material, in contrast to timber, which is a limited resource that leads to deforestation and a number of other environmental problems.

Some traditionalists are hesitant to use composite decking because they wonder how it will hold up against wood. However, the reality is that it requires far less upkeep, is more durable, and requires less effort to install, all while maintaining authenticity and being environmentally friendly. 

Its routine care involves no oiling, staining, sealing, or sanding, which means less effort and expense for you and less use of resources and chemicals for the environment.

Our Super Deck composite boards have a 15 year warranty, in case you needed any additional persuasion on its longevity and sustainability. We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t know how durable they are; our composite decking is designed for Australian consumers, so we are confident that it will hold up against the harsh conditions that the country’s unpredictable environment may throw at it.

Utilizing composite alternatives also minimizes waste due to their simple installation. When compared to wood, installing our composite decking requires approximately 70% less time and labour, which considerably lowers the energy and material requirements. Because every board is created to the same size and shape, there is also significantly less waste. 

Like natural timber, which needs to be processed, trimmed, and sanded before being utilized, synthetic wood has no curves, rough edges, or deficiencies.

You can understand why we are so pleased of how eco-friendly composite decking is by adding the fact that it has a high fire safety rating, boosting the security and sustainability of your complete home.

  1. Use Environmentally Friendly Furnishings.

If you frequently host events in your backyard, you’ll probably want to outfit it and provide lots of seating options. By locating sustainable furniture options that don’t require purchasing new furniture, producing extra garbage, or using a lot of resources to produce, you may make your backyard more environmentally friendly.

You can accomplish this on a DIY basis by upcycling used furniture, or you can construct seating areas using composite decking. This might be incorporated into your deck, used as extra seating outside, or even as a fire pit that is sunk into the ground. Our decking is built for outdoor usage, is Australian-engineered, and has a 15–30-year warranty as we mentioned earlier. As a result, it will last longer and won’t need to be replaced as frequently as other furniture options, resulting in less waste and lower long-term costs.

  1. Reduce the Size of Your Lawn

Water is required to maintain grass and well-kept lawns. The irrigation and maintenance of lawns will have a significant impact on how ecologically friendly you can be, especially in Australia’s hotter areas.

Utilizing mulched gardens or composite decking in your backyard will drastically cut down on the amount of water needed for your lawns. The amount of power and fuel needed in your backyard maintenance routine is decreased by minimizing the size of lawn areas, which also minimizes the requirement for routine edging and mowing.

  1. Use Rainwater Again.

Rainwater collection in your backyard is an additional strategy for improving sustainability. Rainwater may be used to water gardens or, even better, to clean your composite decking. With the exception of the occasional washing with warm, soapy water to keep it looking clean, composite decking requires no upkeep. Utilizing recovered rainwater will virtually eliminate the environmental impact of your deck spaces.

  1. Use Local Plants

Native plants will already be accustomed to your region’s particular weather patterns, including rainfall, temperature variations, and seasonal shifts. They will also draw local wildlife, birds, and insects and help the natural, pre-existing eco-system by being simpler to maintain, more likely to thrive, and more sustainable.

Making planter boxes out of composite wood or including built-in planting areas into your deck are both excellent ways to achieve this when building a deck or landscaping a space. This will allow you to use nature to improve your outdoor deck.

  1. Use Natural Pesticides, Fertilizers, and Herbicides

Your awareness of the numerous solutions and chemicals used in your backyard landscaping and care may increase as you become more environmentally conscious. Using harsh chemicals like weed killers and pesticides can have a negative impact on your gardening and the nearby wildlife. Fortunately, there are lots of environmentally friendly items available for purchase, or even better, you may find lots of DIY options.

This advice highlights one of our favorite aspects of composite decking, which is how little chemical upkeep and use it needs. Unlike the paint, stain, polish, oil, or other chemicals required for lumber, the recycled composite requires little more than a soapy water wash to keep it clean, meaning fewer chemicals will disturb the eco-system of your garden.

There are various ways to make your backyard more environmentally friendly, and our Super Deck composite decking will undoubtedly enable you to increase sustainability. Wish to learn more? For more information on how we can assist you in making your backyard more environmentally friendly, give us a call. You can also ask for a sample to view the product for yourself.