Composite Deck

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Composite Decking

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Thinking about enhancing your outdoor area with a splendid composite deck? Look no further! In this thorough guide, we’ll guide you through 10 mistakes to steer clear of during composite decking installation in Melbourne. 

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY deck builder or a first-timer, these pointers will ensure your composite decking build project progresses smoothly, resulting in a gorgeous, long-lasting deck.

1. Failure to Plan and Obtain Approvals: Make sure you have the necessary permits and approvals from your council before starting. Consulting with composite deck builders and local government ensures compliance with regulations and saves time and money.

2. Underestimating Material Requirements: Calculate accurately and order a bit extra to cover mistakes and replacements. Cater for around 5% extra composite decking boards material than your material calculation.

3. Neglecting Sub-Frame Preparation: Properly prepare the sub-frame to avoid structural issues and uneven surfaces. Align posts, bearers, and joists according to the decking manufacturer recommendations.

4. Ignoring Acclimation: Let composite deck boards adjust to the environment for at least two days before installation. This helps prevent future expansion or contraction issues.

5. Misusing Clips and Fasteners: Use the correct type and quantity of clips for proper installation. Ensure proper spacing between boards for expansion and contraction.

6. Inadequate Ground Clearance and Drainage: Ensure proper ground clearance and drainage to prevent water damage and rot. Plan for at least 30cm of clearance and consider sunlight exposure.

7. Improper Board Selection: Choose composite decking boards that suit your aesthetic preferences and climate conditions. Consider factors like colour, size, and material touch feel.

8. Insufficient Finishing and Maintenance Planning: Pay attention to finishing touches like fascia boards and end caps for a polished look. Plan for ongoing maintenance to preserve your composite deck’s appearance.

9. Rushing the Installation Process: Take your time to measure, place, and secure each board correctly. Refer to installation guides and seek assistance from Superdeck’s deck builders.

Building a composite deck in Victoria can be fulfilling, but it requires careful planning and execution. By avoiding these 10 mistakes, you’ll create a stunning, durable outdoor space for years of enjoyment. Ready to start your composite decking journey? Reach out to Superdeck for high-quality materials and reliable composite deck installation service.