Composite Deck

Creative Ideas for Smaller Family Gardens

For many Aussie families, outdoor garden and patio areas are an essential part of home renovation projects these days. Maximising the outdoor space is always a big topic during home renovation projects. In this article, we look at a few good ideas and tips to consider for smaller family gardens, and also how composite decking can be utilised to help.

Composite decking boards are functional and great looking, they can be used in a lot of creative ways. Decks can be used creatively in your garden to create a multifunctional zone, and even to create a trendy outdoor kitchen area. Many landscapers also use composite decking boards to create a walk path in the garden, or a relaxing area surrounding the pool or spa.

Another benefit of using composite decking boards is how low-maintenance it is. They also do not take a lot of space to be laid on, making them a good choice for family gardens and particularly smaller spaces.

Composite decking for smaller gardens

If your garden is not as spacious as you want, there are many creative ways to blend composite decking into the overall design and fully use the space.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens were becoming increasingly trendy in Melbourne in the last few years. They were previously widely adopted in apartment blocks and city livings, the last few years, more house owners started to use them as well because vertical gardens take less space, and they add another layer of colour for the garden.

Very often, vertical gardening takes advantage of using containers, and smaller light-weight pots and plants being hung vertically on the wall. Apart from the concrete and brick walls, home owners also use composite decking boards to frame a feature wall. Doing that gives you more spots to hang pots and plants on the wall as well.

For those with limited garden space, vertical gardening is a great option to consider as they do not take more space horizontally. Meanwhile it helps to create the illusion of a more spacious garden.

Garden Furniture

The size of your outdoor furniture should be considered particularly in smaller gardens. For instance, a lot of people like to get the reclining chairs for sun baking, however the reclining chairs can take a great amount of space when they are extended. On the other hand, smaller foldable chairs that do not recline all the way down are probably more ideal for smaller gardens. They do not take any space when they are completely folded.

Multi-functional furniture is also widely adopted in smaller gardens. For example, many outdoor tables and chairs have storage built in, which saves extra storage units to be put elsewhere.

Raised Decking Area

Many homeowners choose to transform uneven outdoor space into a levelled decking area for outdoor dining and entertaining. Otherwise, some of the outdoor space goes into waste often.

A raised decking area built with composite deck boards will also make the outdoor space look neat and modern. Putting small plants and pots along the deck make the area look lively yet still organized.

It’s often a good idea to hire professional deck builders or landscapers to build a decking area above uneven ground, as a much more solid foundation is required above the uneven ground. 

Use White and Other Light Colours

White and other light colours can make your garden look bigger. Light colours can create a sense of space, also they are usually easier to maintain than dark colours.

Regardless of your garden style, adding in white furniture often does wonders. Imagine your suburban garden being filled with coastal style white furniture and light coloured decking boards. You’ve just given your garden a new life.

Divide Outdoor Space Into Zones By Using Decks

When the space in the garden is limited, you can divide them smartly into different zones. Doing that will create a sense of order and space because when people move and transition from one zone to another, they would feel that they are moving into a completely new area. 

Using different colours of the decking areas can help you achieve the above outcome. 

Outdoor Lighting

With the right outdoor lighting, you can make your small garden feel bigger with colours and shades.

Fairy lights are a good option that could create a lovely atmosphere in a small garden space. Fairy Lights could draw people’s attention to a particular area, or showcase a water feature or plant. 

Wall lights are another popular choice, because they don’t take up much floor space. Whether it’s lights for one particular feature wall or most of the garden areas, they will most likely light up the space and make them look brighter and bigger.

We hope that the above tips and ideas are practical enough to help you make a relatively small garden look and feel bigger, whether you utilise composite deck or not. For any question you may have, talk to the composite decking specialist at Superdeck today.