Composite Deck

Enjoy Composite Decking Barefoot Comfortably in the Heat

There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to walk out your backdoor and straight onto your deck in bare feet in Summer. The freedom of wearing no shoes during the summer months, both indoors and outdoors, makes the transition effortless when the surface is at the right temperature. When the sun is out in those summer months in Melbourne, some composite decking can be a bit hot underfoot and deter you from making full use of your outdoor decking.

It’s not uncommon when your decking is directly in the heat of the sun that some composite decking boards are hot to touch. However, some have been manufactured to be cooler on the feet, even in the summer sun’s heat.

Your decking temperature must be comfortable to walk on year-round for you to get the most out of it, especially if you enjoy going barefoot and leaving your shoes inside. While composite decking was first released, one of the common concerns was how hot it was underfoot and how quickly it heated up. This is no longer an issue for most composite decking products these days, given the advancement in technology.

Most manufacturers have used these technological advancements to make the composite decking boards more comfortable for the summer months, making them cooler to touch because they hold less heat. So, choosing suitable composite decking boards is essential to enjoy your deck year-round and barefoot.

And below are a few more tips to help

Wood & Composite Decking

Wooden and composite decking can both be a bit hot to touch when in the direct sun. Steps can be undertaken to reduce the temperature.

Surrounding your deck with flowers, trees, and shrubs can help keep it cooler on and around your decking. It is just one way to reduce the temperature underfoot, and we will explore more below.

Technological Advancements: Cooler Composite Boards for Bare feet

When designing and building decks, you will find that not all composite boards are the same. There are a wide variety of designs and colours available now that have come with the advancement of technology. Your outdoor space is not only a place to enjoy and relax, but it’s also a work of art with its choice of colours.

However, the colour of the decking sometimes impacts how heat is absorbed, meaning that the darker the colour, the hotter the decking, which also means the lighter the colour, the colder they will be underfoot. So choosing tan or a near-grey colour will be more comfortable than black or dark brown planks.

Proper Ventilation to Reduce Heat

Sufficient ventilation under your deck will cool your decking boards down. This is particularly helpful for lower decks which uses both shade and heat-absorbing ground cover. The proximity the coolness of the earth helps absorb the harsh heat of the midday sun, creating a cooler space underneath the deck.

With this cold air. The ventilation can do even more. The air gets pushed through the boards creating a natural air conditioner.

Other Shade Types lowering the Temperature of Composite Decking

The best way to keep any deck cool is with shade. Whether this is from trees, deck umbrellas or pergolas, they each do their part to keep things cool during the hot summer. Removing the direct sun from the area will keep the boards cool and allow you to be barefoot on your deck area all summer long.

An alternative point of shade is a deck wall casting a shadow over the deck while still allowing you to enjoy the sun’s warmth; you’re getting the best of both worlds with this option.

Concluding Thoughts

We know there is nothing better than getting barefoot while enjoying all your yard has to offer during the summer months. It’s even better when you get to be barefoot and enjoying the breeze.

Want to know more? Chat to our crew and find out all we know about keeping your feet cool on your composite decking.