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Trendy Garden Decking Ideas in 2021

Home Garden Decking Ideas

There are dozens of landscape and garden decking ideas to fit different home styles, personal tastes and budget levels. Some homeowners would prefer particular deck colour or patterns, others would choose to go with something a bit more environmentally friendly like composite decking boards. 

Also for many homeowners we talk to these days, they like the idea of having decks as a part of their landscape but can’t be bothered with the decking maintenance.


Trendy Garden Decking Ideas in 2021

Talk to professional landscapers and deck builders in your area or take a look at the amount of space you want to make a decking area in your garden and how you’re going to lay the decks.

Outdoor decking could be relatively quick and easy to install. The surface under the decking doesn’t always require leveling, so you can cover an uneven surface, or an existing terrace. 

Wooden decking boards can look great with its colour varieties, however it needs regular oiling and maintenance. Alternatively many households opt for composite decking boards that do not require as much regular oiling and maintenance. The composite decking boards also last for many years to come.

See below for more creative garden decking ideas:


  1. Try dark coloured decking boards

Decking boards are often set in brown or lighter colours, so that the decks are more blended in with other outdoor areas. Dark, or even black composite decking can set a stylish background which allows the surrounding features to stand out – so if you want people to notice the spa, or a water feature next to the decking area, this is the way to go.

  1. Create a dedicated entertaining space

Choose a lively coloured decking to provide an exclusive area above the patio, making it a great entertaining area. The WPC decking boards are made of wood and plastic composite. They are made to have a similar look and feel to the natural timber decks, yet practical and easy to maintain as WPC decking boards do not need as much oiling or painting. For an entertaining area, composite decking is a great choice as it’s easy to clean if drinks or food gets spilt on the decks.

  1. Cover your decking with a pergola

A glazed pergola above the decking area just creates that perfect alfresco area you can enjoy no matter the weather. Imagine the rain dripping on the roof while you and friends hear the soothing sound of raindrops hitting the glass in a nice afternoon. 

This is a perfect idea to take the indoor living space to the outdoors. The living and entertaining area is re-imagined with this blended approach.

  1. Create a cooking area with raised decking

Lay a nice raised decking area around the outdoor cooking area so the cooking / bar area could look elevated. Wooden decking can be washed down if kitchen accidents occur with dropped food or drinks. Composite decking is also a great option for such an outdoor cooking area as composite decking is very easy to clean and maintain as well.

  1. Raise the outdoor level to meet with the Interior

What if you try to lift up a decking area right next to the indoor living space? Imagine this would create a smooth transition from indoors to outdoor seamlessly. 

Trendy as it is, Australian families love to interweave the outdoor and indoor lifestyle. One of the best examples being a summer BBQ being hosted on a nice decking area right next to the living space. There’s no clear definition of the indoor or outdoor living space anymore.

  1. The Pool and the Deck

A pool’s best friend is a nice decking area to step out to. Traditionally wooden deck boards are widely used around the pools and spa. Nowadays a great alternative is to use composite decking boards around the pool and spa, the reason being that composite decks are not slippery when wet, generally speaking. With water spilling on the boards frequently, composite decking boards do not need to be painted or oiled that much either.


What to do with the decking boards?

Can I install the deck myself?

Yes, a lot of DIYs are very comfortable installing a simple, levelled deck themselves. Hiring a professional landscaper or deck builder if you plan to install decks for a large area or you are dealing with a big uneven foundation area.

Where’s the best spot to install decking?

Think about access to the area, how much sun or shade you want, and whether you want to build a pergola above the deck, and if there are any existing posts, pool, walk path or plants to work around. Planning is essential before starting any decking project.

How do I lay decking if the space is not level?

This is when it gets a little more tricky. You need to elevate the deck. This is a more complex job which may require building supporting posts before building the frame and the deck. We would suggest that you talk to our decking specialist before making any decision.


How do you lay deck boards?

Once the sub-frame is in place, boards can be laid on top. A gap between each board means they can expand and contract, this is quite important as the decking boards could be impacted under the sun to a small degree. The gaps between the boards also allow water to drain.