Composite Deck

How to Match Decking Colour with Your Melbourne Home’s Style

Decking colours aren’t merely another chance to personalise your deck, they’re a defining feature of the house and landscaping. And what looks great for someone else’s deck, won’t necessarily look great for yours. 

Determining the best deck colours needs to be done on a case-by-case basis, incorporating a broader understanding of several interrelated variables.

While picking composite decking colours is a science, it’s not rocket science. Whether you’re looking for natural looking composite decking or something a little more modern, below you can learn a few essential tips, guidelines, and ideas to help you choose the best composite colours for your outdoor space.

Identifying Complementary Decking Colours

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the science of colour can help guide you towards making optimal decisions for your objectives and environment. Because of the various relationships between colours, the most common colour groups for decking are currently grey, brown, and red. And within those groups you also find an extensive range of undertones and hues.

Here are a few basic tips to help you choose colours to complement your home:

A white house will match with decking of nearly any colour scheme; blue, red, or grey exterior tends to complement with grey decking; Brown decking is neutral, making it a safe choice for nearly all house colours.

Superdeck Decking Colour Options

From the warm reddish hues of Mocha to the signature charcoal grey, Superdeck has an extensive range of composite deck colour options. With both warm and cool colours appropriate for a modern or traditional aesthetic, we can provide decking colours to complement virtually any house style.

If you’re still dreaming up ideas, you can browse our gallery to explore what those options look like. And if you are not sure what they look like, request a few decking samples from us.

Tips for Picking the Composite Decking Colour


Avoiding an exact colour match between the house interior and the decking will prevent your exterior from ending up monotone and visually boring. If you prefer to keep things simple, try to find colour complements which are appropriate for the dominant colour of your home. Those can be direct colour complements, tertiary colour complements, or others.


The colour of your home is one part of the picture, but you’ll also want to think about the colour of the broader environment. How do your colour choices pair with the dominant colours of the scenery / landscaping around your deck? For instance, if you’re in a leafy area surrounded with lush greenery, you may want to consider colours that will complement green.


White or lighter colour composite decking will heat slower than black composite decking. It will also cool down slower. If your deck receives full sun exposure over the course of the day, you might be better off selecting a lighter colouration, especially if you anticipate bare feet on your deck. With limited sun exposure, this factor becomes less of a concern.

Get Started Building Your Deck Today

Getting colours aligned properly is more than an important detail, it can have an enormous impact on the presentation of your deck. SuperDeck offers a variety of high-quality decking colour and style options, so you can find the right material for nearly any project. Speak to us to get free composite decking samples for a real feel in your house.