Composite decking for house font yard, Williams Landing, March 2021

Newly built modern house welcomed an elegant outlook with its brand-new font yard. The old solid wood flooring was worn and tarnished. The owners wanted it to be refreshed. To be more specific, they expected a long-lasting appearance, and a perfect match for the whole style of the house.

Superdeck made the promise to fulfill their expectation. Taking the contemporary style of the house into account, the superdeck team recommended the black composite deck as it not only provides highly resemble looking of solid wood, but is also low maintenance.



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    We just love the new look of my front yard. The superdeck team made the best choice for my house. The black decking really presents elegance and every day we go back home, we can see the clean and beautiful yard at a distance. All our requests were met by their professional design and installation.
    It was also good to hear that this wood-plastic composite deck can be renewed and recycled, so it gives us a feeling that we had our yard refreshed and had done soothing good for the environment at the same time.

    Emily W.

    Williams Landing Property Owner

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