Composite Deck

The Impact of Lighting on Composite Decking in Melbourne

Composite decking is only the start when it comes to redesigning your outdoor area. The renovations and extras that turn your deck into a posh outdoor heaven are what really work their charm.

Upgrading your decking area with composite decking may greatly improve the appearance, use, and total value of your house, whether it be with tasteful lighting, fashionable fixtures, or useful additions.

We’ll go over the best methods to enhance your composite decking in this guide, along with the newest lighting and accessory choices that will make your outdoor area a stunning extension of your house.

Lighting for Composite Decking

Lighting is one of the most simple yet effective improvements you can make to your composite decking. It not only allows you to use your outdoor area later into the evening, but it also provides a level of security and a relaxed ambience that’s ideal for hosting guests.

Built-in Deck Lighting

Integrated LED deck lights will brighten your nights. These elegant accents provide a soft light that wonderfully defines your area while blending in with the boards and railings of your composite decking. A lot of the modern decks done these days have integrated lighting, which is perfect for setting the mood or emphasising architectural aspects.

Post Caps for Solar Power

Solar post caps are the best option for illumination that is not harmful to the environment. During the day, these self-sufficient accessories collect sunlight, and at night, they illuminate your deck. Energy-efficient and simple to install, they’re a favourite option for ecologically minded households.

Increasing Usability with Accessories

The key to turning your composite decking into a useful paradise is choosing the appropriate accessories that improve both utility and visual appeal. Let’s look more closely at how you can make this happen.

Built-in Storage and Seating

Optimise Comfort and Space: Not only can built-in seating save room on your deck, but it’s also a chic way to make sure your outdoor space is always ready for entertainment and leisure. 

Customising these seating choices to match the decking material results in a polished and unified design.

Two-Purpose Storage: The dual use of built-in seats is what makes it so brilliant. Lifting the seats reveals concealed storage spaces that are ideal for gardening equipment, pool supplies, and outdoor pillows. With this ingenious design, you can keep your deck clutter-free and make sure that everything you need is accessible yet hidden.

Planters and Vertical Gardens to Liven Up Your Deck

Incorporating plants into your composite decking may provide a privacy feature in addition to a pop of colour and vibrancy. Your deck may become a verdant haven by filling built-in planters with a range of plants, such as herbs, veggies, and ornamental flowers.

Growing Vegetables Vertically: Vertical gardens are a clever and fashionable way to solve the problem of limited space. They may be utilised to make a living wall that provides seclusion from neighbours while also beautifying the area and acting as a natural screen. Vertical gardens are simple to design and can be made to fit any kind or size of deck.

Modernise Your Outdoor Area Now

These useful additions make your composite decking into a completely personalised extension of your living area, making them more than simply ornaments. Every component, whether it is planters and vertical gardens that bring nature closer, elegant fences that give safety and aesthetic appeal, or built-in seating that provides comfort and storage, is intended to improve the aesthetics and use of your outdoor space.

With these improvements, your composite deck may really turn into a nice spot for leisure and entertainment that fits your lifestyle requirements and reflects your own sense of design.

Organising the Upgrade of Your Composite Decking

To make sure your choices fit your vision and budget, think about speaking with a decking specialist before beginning your deck makeover. You can make well-informed decisions and manage the large number of alternatives by seeking expert direction when choosing lighting solutions or customising accessories like plants and fences.

And if you’re considering building a new composite deck, come see us at Superdeck. We provide high-quality composite decking that will ensure you have an outdoor deck you can enjoy for many years to come.