Composite Deck

The Latest Trends in Composite Decking Designs for Melbourne Residences

Do you like relaxing in the garden over the weekend in Melbourne? Then, you should build decks in your house. It is a sturdy, flat furnishing platform that improves the functionality of your backyard.  You may arrange a deck in a variety of ways to improve the aesthetics of your home. 

Your lifestyle is improved when your decking design blends nicely with the house’s design and style.  We would like to share a few fantastic, reasonably priced Composite Decking Ideas in Melbourne. 

Backyard seating decks

Composite decking could be a great choice for you if you want to create a cosy sitting space in your backyard. You may place it in the garden nook where you feel most at ease and embellish it with little coffee tables. Your guests may enjoy a nice evening in the garden while perched on the deck’s seats. You may add lighting to your decking area to make it more visually appealing and practical. Enjoy a pleasant time and dress up your deck area for a particular event.

Staircase with composite decking

Do you intend to rebuild your wood staircase around the pool, spa, or between the house and the backyard? Composite decking is an option that you might consider. The sturdy, anti-slip texture of composite decking ensures the safety of anybody using your stairs. 

Moving from the room to your garden is made easier with a composite deck staircase that is linked to your balcony. To make the stairwell look more lovely, place a few little plants on each of its corners as well.

Deck rails

A bar is a great addition to any home for weekend get-togethers. Australians like gathering in their backyards with a nice spread of food and beverages. So a deck bar is a wonderful idea to go with it. It enhances the value of your garden as a venue for social events. 

You may have a full bar setup at home with decking underfoot. In the open air, you may prepare your favourite meals and offer beverages while having a great time. To improve the aesthetics of the deck bar, place some music next to it.


Your feet become muddy when you walk straight through a garden, so you may prevent that by installing a composite deck walkway that makes strolling more pleasant. Deck paths protect children from sharp stones and thorns while they are playing in the garden. If your house has a nice composite decking walkway, you may avoid walking on damp grass during rainy weather. 

Even after frequent usage, the rot-resistant material maintains the walkways tidy and uncontaminated.

Area with a swimming pool

Your summer days are happy and refreshing when you have a garden with a swimming pool. You need to build a deck space next to your pool if it is located in a large garden. You unwind as you sit on sun lounging chairs next to the pool. If you have a decent amount of deck area next to the pool, you can have a pool party. This is a fantastic Melbourne composite decking concept. Composite decking planks are not afraid of water, unlike the traditional wooden decks.