Composite Deck

6 Steps to Fix Warped Composite Decking in 2021

Sometimes composite decking warps, usually the outcome of Summer and Winter type weather extremes. We have the scorching Aussie sun in summer, and winter sees freezing cold conditions, especially so in Victoria.

In severe weather, this could cause damage to the deck by warping it, which we recommend you deal with straight away.

Composite decking boards are made from a mixture of plastics, wood fibres, and bonding agents. They are formed into boards after a process where they have been heated and cooled. So, if it’s heated, how come it warps?

Essentially, environmental heat isn’t controlled like when it’s being formed. When it comes to weather, one day, it could be the scorching summer heat, and a couple of days later, it’s like a winter’s day.

It should be noticed that the weather needs to have extreme changes to cause warping as it usually requires little maintenance.

Dealing with any deck issues resulting from the weather as soon as you can. It will save you money long-term, and leaving it will only add to the problem. So, let’s explore how you can fix your warped composite decking yourself.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Level Your Warped Deck

There are a series of steps to undertake to get your composite decking back to its original state.

Essentials to Make Your Warped Deck Repair

The great thing about the ease of fixing the composite decking yourself is that there are relatively few essentials you will need and nothing out of the ordinary, which makes it achievable for even the non-handy person.

The items you will require can readily be sourced from your local hardware store, or you may already have them at home without needing to purchase anything.

However, sometimes it pays to invest in quality tools and will assist your deck to stay in place long-term. To do the DIY job perfectly, you will require:

  • A straight piece of wood
  • Flathead screws
  • Cordless drill for setting screws in place
  • Table saw, or hand saw to shape the piece of wood

Step 1: Select wood

Select the wood you’re going to use to clamp and level the deck. It needs to be strong and should be able to handle being drilled. Additional to its strength, you need to ensure that it’s dry. 

Step 2: Shape it

Shape it to the correct size and drill half a screw in the middle. Adjusting the size of the wood and ensuring it’s completely flat is essential. Its length needs to cover the width of two of your decking planks. The height of the wood shouldn’t be any more than half of the screw.

Step 3: Place the wood on the deck

The next step is to place the piece of wood on top of the warped plank and drill the screw right through. We recommend using a washer to prevent the screw from going entirely into the shaped wood.

  • Place the wood on the middle part of the warped board.
  • The end piece will be on the central point of the deck board.
  • The wood piece length will cover from one midpoint to the middle point on another board.
  • The part of the board with the screw will be at the top of the warped board.

Step 4: Drill the screw

  • Now you need to drill the screw into the warped board.
  • The warped deck will instantly be levelled as the wood piece is working as a clamp.

Step 5: Drilling the side decks

The next step is to drill a 45° angle on the side decks, connecting the levelled boards.

Step 6: Screw into the Holes and complete the process

Take the screws and drill them into each hole, so there is no room to move. These are used as support and will hold the deck flat. You can now take the piece of wood away, and your deck will be flat and like new.

Concluding Thoughts

Fixing up your deck if it warps should be relatively easy. Having the right tools and using our step-by-step guide, fixing it yourself is possible, making your deck look new.