Composite Deck

Why does composite decking crack?

Composite decking boards have become a preferred choice for outdoor decking due to their durability and low maintenance. Despite being water and crack-resistant, they aren’t immune to cracking completely. We want to talk about the 5 potential causes of cracks in composite decking and effective ways to fix and prevent them.

What Causes Cracks in Composite Decking?

1. Foundation Issues: A sturdy foundation is essential for a stable deck. Ensure your composite deck is built on stable ground and meets structural requirements.

2. Improper Joist Span: Incorrect joist spacing can stress boards, leading to cracks over the long run. Proper spacing is crucial for structural integrity.

3. Excessive Weight: Heavy objects or loads can strain composite decking, causing cracks in the composite decking boards potentially. Proper engineering and support are necessary.

4. Incorrect Clip Configuration: Improperly installed clips can weaken load-bearing capacity, leading to cracks in the WPC decking boards as well.

5. Moisture: Excessive moisture could potentially compromise material integrity. Proper drainage and material selection are key for decking longevity.

Repairing Cracks in Composite Decking Boards:

If you notice minor cracks, follow these steps for repair:

1. Clean the crack thoroughly using compressed air nozzles and use mineral spirits to help clean the cracks.

2. Protect surrounding areas with masking tape.

3. Apply composite filler evenly into the crack and let it dry overnight.

4. Remove the tape and inspect the repair.

If the damage is too severe, you may need to replace the composite decking board.

Preventing Cracks:

1. Invest in Quality Composite Boards: Choose composite decking boards from reliable manufacturers for durability and long product warranty.

2. Ensure Correct Installation: Hiring professional composite deck builder or following installation guidelines to minimise risks.

3. Perform Regular Maintenance: Regular inspections and upkeep prevent issues from worsening.

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