Composite Deck

Ideas and Designs for Composite Decking

We offer the composite decking boards, but it’s up to our clients to get inventive. Use some of the intriguing ideas and extra designs that some of our customers have created with our composite deck boards as inspiration to come up with a genuinely unique composite deck design. With our selection of composite decking ideas, we hope to help you make a statement with your outdoor space.

Stepping Decks

Steps must be considered in the early design of the majority of raised decking projects. Depending on your preferences, our selection of composite decking accessories offers you a wide variety of fascia alternatives for each step.

Steps can be included into your decking project in a variety of ways, giving you a wide range of choices. Our installation resources provide information on step framework and mending alternatives that outline several approaches you might take.

Framing of images

Making a tidy border all the way around the perimeter of your deck is the picture framing composite decking style, which will transform even the simplest of projects. With Super Deck’s selection of reversible decking, this straightforward concept may be highly successful.

Diagonal Runs

Some installers will get inventive and integrate diagonal runs across their project to prevent having long, linear lengths of decking. This option offers something a little different from other locations and gives your decking area a more upscale and refined finish. Even though this installation approach can result in greater waste, our simple installation clip system makes installation easier than you might expect.

Bending Edges

Your project will feel more vibrant and unique with curved edges. Our boards, which cut quite similarly to timber, make this easier. Furthermore, you can fascia this curved border thanks to the degree of bend in our skirting trim. This can be accomplished rather easy with careful pre-installation planning. However, in order to account for the unavoidable off-cuts that this program generates, we would suggest slightly increasing your wastage allowance.

Deck Lighting

Include lights in your area to illuminate your decks. This addition can be easy to install and highly useful for illuminating your project at night and enabling you to spend more time outside. This decking design idea provides a practical and attractive enhancement for both residential gardens and commercial settings.

Give one of our helpful specialists a call if you need any additional support or guidance; we’ll be pleased to assist you.