Synthetic Grass

Ten Reasons Why Synthetic Grass is Suitable for families with kids or pets

Are you thinking of installing artificial grass in your Melbourne yard? Are you worried about whether it’s a suitable choice for your family because you have children or pets? The truth is that artificial grass is an excellent choice for families with fur babies or kids because it’s soft underfoot, free from harsh chemicals and is near maintenance-free, which means more time spent together enjoying family life.

We have explored the top ten reasons why artificial grass is the perfect choice for families with children or pets, considering the benefits now and for the future.

  1. It can “grow” anywhere

If a neat looking backyard is your go-to where the whole family can relax, including the furry members, an artificial lawn can be laid anywhere. Some yards don’t grow traditional grass well, so this instant solution is definitely noteworthy and not dependent on the right growing conditions. Synthetic grass allows you to have a beautifully functioning lawn wherever you want it.

  1. The grass remains dry

It’s been raining, and both the pets and children need to get outdoors for a play. The problem is the grass is still wet, and there is a lot of mud that is bound to be trodden through the house.

These issues aren’t a problem when you have synthetic grass because of its fantastic drainage features. Your children can let off some steam and run about straight away after rain, and it is also incredibly functional and useful for pet urine.

  1. Low maintenance

Perhaps one of the most loved benefits of synthetic grass is that it is low maintenance. This makes artificial grass perfect for families because it means less time mowing over the weekends, especially during the summer months, and more time spending time with your children and pets.

Also, synthetic turf also means no fertilisers or weed killers which means it is a whole lot safer for your children and animals to play outdoors.

  1. Allergy-free

Allergy season is not fun for anyone in the family, especially if they like spending time outdoors and are limited by this time of the year. One type of allergen is grass which contains a lot of dust and ryegrass.

Artificial lawns don’t have any of these allergens in them and with minimal dust means less sneezing and itchy eyes and more fun in the sun.

  1. Soft underfoot

One of the main concern buyers have when deciding to add artificial lawn to their property is the unnatural feel underfoot. What they soon learn is that our grass is soft to play on and feels beautiful on the feet. The fibres look and feel like real grass.

Artificial lawn comes in a variety of lengths and softness levels which means you can choose your preferred length and feel.

  1. It’s durable

A synthetic lawn is durable and can withstand quite a lot. Children and pets are known to be notoriously hard on natural grass, but an artificial lawn doesn’t succumb as easily and lasts for a long time. There will be no dead patches from animal urine, no holes from pets digging, no scuffed-up bare patches, no dying grass from the unmoved trampoline. Overall, not only is artificial lawn easier for both pets and families, its durability means it will still look good for many years to come.

  1. No harsh chemicals or heavy metals

The number one thing you want for your children and pets is safety. One of the difficulties with natural grass is that you often need to spray it with harsh weed killers and fertilisers to keep it looking great. These sprays are not great for anyone in the family or the environment.

Artificial grass doesn’t contain any heavy metals, and there is no reason to use pesticides or other chemicals to keep it looking great which means your children and pets are safe outdoors at any time of the day.

  1. No grass stains on clothes

One of the most challenging items to laundry is grass stains on the knees. If you have children, you have probably seen those big, green patches that are near impossible to get out. Clothes will be a lot cleaner, and kids have fun in the yard without the worry of getting quite as messy. Happy mum with less laundry also means happy kids.

  1. Saves money

You’re probably wondering how saving money has anything to do with children or pets? Well, we say it has a lot to do them. While there are initial costs when getting your grass laid, it is ongoing care where you substantially save. There is very little maintenance required, and you are saving money by not needing a gardener or a mower, and saving on petrol and other gardening tools. The money that you save can be used to buy all the other fun outdoor things for your children and pets.

  1. Conserves water

If there is one thing we can teach our children about it is water conservation. Laying artificial grass saves water because there is no need to water it. While it will need the occasional wash down, it’s not as often as watering a natural lawn so saves time, money and the planet – which benefits children long term by paving the way for their future.

Bonus Reason:

The backyard family bbq in Melbourne can be messy; kids also make messes, and so do pets. All these messes don’t matter when you have synthetic turf because it’s easily cleaned and if said children, animals or other family members do make a mess a simple spray with the hose gets rid of all the spills without leaving an odour behind.

If you are looking at installing artificial turf that is perfect for your whole family, kids and pets included, contact us to request a free quote today. Let us help you elevate your outdoor needs so your kids and pets can enjoy all it has to offer.