Composite Deck

Composite Decking for Gardens

Super Deck’s composite decking has provided spectacular outdoor settings for years, from charming, flower-filled gardens to ultra-modern retreats. No matter big or small, a garden has a distinct personality, and Super Deck’s composite decking has the potential to either take center stage or fit in with the surroundings. The best products for your new garden come from composite decks because of their authenticity, quality, and performance.

Composite decking is fantastic because of how versatile it is. Want to provide your elderly relative with a secure platform that is both grip- and slip-resistant? To ensure the children’s safety as they jump in and out of the bubbles, you might want hot tub decking. Create a garden room with a composite decking surround and a pergola if working from home is your new normal to create a genuinely inspiring workspace to keep those creative spirits flowing.

Super Deck’s outdoor decking gives you options regardless of your particular situation…

A Durable Composite Deck

Composite decking is durable and resistant to snow, ice, wind, and rain. By fusing recycled plastic and wood fibers together to create a weather-resistant layer that guards against moisture and frostbite, Super Deck composite decking is designed to last. 

Composite deck delivers a long-lasting, low-maintenance outdoor decking that ensures peace of mind because it is resistant to warping, cracking, splintering, and rotting.

The safest option is composite decking

Since wood can bend and splinter, we think composite decking is the safest choice for you and your family. Slabs can split and sink over time. Concrete can have drainage problems, which can result in slick surfaces. 

Composite decking is durable, maintains safe temperatures, and has adequate drainage. It almost never splinters.

Creating the impression of indoor flooring

Composite decking is designed to be both smooth and durable. Little, delicate feet can pitter-patter in and out of the bi-fold doors onto the decking without fear of injury because garden composite deck boards don’t provide a splinter risk. The smooth transition from an open-plan kitchen to a BBQ terrace, hidden alfresco retreat, or private sun-trap is made possible by composite decks.

The Simple & Low-Maintenance Alternative

Unlike wood, composite decking is incredibly simple to maintain. Untreated wood takes stains on board. Jet washing is necessary to remove algae buildup, which can harm the boards. At the start of the season, wash with household soap, then sweep as needed. When Great Aunt Mary gets a bit carried away with the drinks, there’s no need to worry about the stains too much since composite decking resists stains.

Composite Decking Designed For Residential Use

There are numerous and varied ways that composite decking can be used and incorporated into your outside space. Composite decking gives you options, so your deck can either address the perennially mossy section at the foot of the garden or flow smoothly from your bi-fold doors. Composite decking is amazingly adaptable, whether you want to capture a golden nook that shines in the fading evening sun or simply provide a secure area for the kids to play while you prepare supper.

Additionally, we have discovered that composite decking is ideal for the following applications in homes:

Swimming pool and hot tub decking

You may shield your hot tub from passing animals and make easy access stairs by building a surround for it.In locations that are prone to get wet, composite decking is offered with grooves for added grip and drainage. Super Deck’s wood fibers resist absorbing moisture since they are covered in plastic polymer and are made to get wet.

Decking for a Garden Room

With composite decking, setting up a seating area in your garden is simpler than ever. Select your location, put the deck in place, and then arrange your furniture to create a specific seating area. Soft furnishings, furniture, rugs, and pillows that go with your selected motif can help you frame the room.

The bikes have rusted, the kids have left the nest, and the shed has seen better days. Why not construct an everlasting garden room? It’s the ideal location for DIY projects, crafting, afternoon tea, or working from home.

Garden rooms are expensive, so you need a strong foundation with plenty of support and good drainage. The best option is composite decking, which also serves as a veranda for your summer home and garden room.

Composite Decking for Pergolas

Incorporating a pergola is another option to frame your deck and make a strong statement with your landscape design. Structure provides your deck height and presence. By attracting attention and giving your garden a purpose and personality, it transforms your decking from a flat platform into a focal point.

It is surprising how a few columns and beams may mitigate the effects of a cool breeze or offer just a little desired shade in the height of summer. A pergola creates an outdoor room. A pergola can be further divided into cozy areas by adding screening. It can make a pleasant, cozy location from which to watch the stars if it is centered around a fire pit or patio heater.

Decking For An Outdoor Dining Area

Having a designated outdoor eating area offers a nice alternative to a TV meal on warmer, “salad days,” when you want to squeeze every last drop of sunshine out of the day. For outdoor dining, composite decking gives a cozy, low-maintenance setting.

Those summer days can come in spurts when they do. Avoid wasting time by painting, varnishing, and sanding. Regardless of how fleeting it appears, purchase composite decking and take advantage of the sunshine.